Hello folks!

I am Saibal Roy.

I've been writing code for over 6+ years. During that time I created software applications starting from developing desktop applications for business processes like vehicle management, material stock management, ISO reporting tools, production life cycle of steel manufacturing plant which involved planning, processing , managing and analysing lots of data for different financial years. After coding that for mostly 2+ years i started developing web applications that deals with Realestate CRM, Classified advertising platforms and Event Management and built software products to manage the business processes involved in these domains.

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I share my experiences through posts on productivity tips, quick tips and many more...

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You may reach out to me on twitter or email.

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Featured posts

February 15, 2020

Approach to merge feature branch to development branch

Well this approach is what i found while working on adding a pwa feature branch to the development branch of a web app and obviously i don't want anything to break up and screw my weekend 😏 😏 but also want the lovely feature to be up and...


Debugging with javascript console makes me stay productive cover image

February 1, 2020

Debugging with javascript console makes me stay productive

Debugging with javascript during the development console.log() is a life saver for me. If you all are too in the same page with me then this post will make your debugging looks cool and helpful too. If you want to refresh your knowledge for...


April 18, 2020

Workaround for laravel mass assignment exception faced by beginners

A lot of beginners face this mass assignment exception on the Eloquent model. There are couple of workarounds to this mass assignment exception: First, we can set the $fillable property of a model...


April 4, 2020

Fix common mistakes while working with git

Everybody is not perfect. So, mistakes do happen when working with git too. Mistake 1: Typo mistakes done with the commit message. I think most of us fall into this a number of times. Solution:...


March 28, 2020

Adding chats to skype favorites a better way to manage chats

Will not bore you with much content this time. Here's a quick tip organize your skype chats and keeping things simple and minimal way. 😅 😅 I always try to find ways to quickly manage...


January 18, 2020

Popular javascript selector methods

Following javascript selector methods proves to be quite handy working with vanilla javascript or building your own javascript library like feedback form component to be used with added to websites...


January 1, 2020

Change port in package json for local development in npm run watch

Well, since visuals are more powerful than words. That's true and makes the demonstration more understanding. As you all can see the image in this page reflects the most used package.json scripts...