December 3, 2021

Understanding the need of laravel queues and setup

Caveats for long running http requests Taking long time for sending responses over http requests has issues like UI blocking, system slowdown and bad user experiences. Http requests that...


August 16, 2021

Workaround for laravel mass assignment exception

A lot of beginners face this mass assignment exception on the Eloquent model. There are couple of workarounds to this laravel mass assignment exception: First, we can set the \$fillable property of...


April 4, 2021

Fix common mistakes while working with git

Everybody is not perfect. So, mistakes do happen when working with git too. Mistake 1: Typo mistakes done with the commit message. I think most of us fall into this a number of times. Solution:...


January 28, 2021

Adding chats to skype favorites a better way to manage chats

Will not bore you with much content this time. Here's a quick tip organize your skype chats and keeping things simple and minimal way. 😅 😅 I always try to find ways to quickly manage...