April 18, 2020

Workaround for laravel mass assignment exception

A lot of beginners face this mass assignment exception on the Eloquent model. There are couple of workarounds to this mass assignment exception: First, we can set the \$fillable property of a model...


April 4, 2020

Fix common mistakes while working with git

Everybody is not perfect. So, mistakes do happen when working with git too. Mistake 1: Typo mistakes done with the commit message. I think most of us fall into this a number of times. Solution:...


March 28, 2020

Adding chats to skype favorites a better way to manage chats

Will not bore you with much content this time. Here's a quick tip organize your skype chats and keeping things simple and minimal way. 😅 😅 I always try to find ways to quickly manage...


February 15, 2020

Approach to merge feature branch to development branch

Well this approach is what i found while working on adding a pwa feature branch to the development branch of a web app and obviously i don't want anything to break up and screw my weekend 😏...