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Adding chats to skype favorites a better way to manage chats

Saibal Roy • January 28, 2021

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Will not bore you with much content this time. Here's a quick tip organize your skype chats and keeping things simple and minimal way. 😅 😅

I always try to find ways to quickly manage my works but in a organized way. And if you find yourself in the same boat like me this tip would be super useful to you.

Let's first brief you my scenario. Not gonna bore you all but just bear with me. 😅 😅 There are times when you need to lot of skype chats as in office and mostly it happens to me when i do work from home. Writing this post in the Covid-19 lockdown down time i find myself totally messed up with so many chats from my happy clients and supercharged dev folks. I love to help everyone but in that manner it happens that some important chats that needs my constant involvement goes down the skype screen.😆😆

There's this cool feature of skype to rescue me. 😌😌

I found that if you right click context menu for a particular chat and select "Add to favorites" that it works awesome for me by giving an option which have a "Favorites" Section in left panel. Cool and awesome!!

Happy learning folks!